Transportation of marine & offshore equipment

Негабаритные перевозки автотранспортом
  • propulsion units

  • propellers

  • shafts

  • engines, generators

  • winches

  • etc.

The main focus of Enkel Logistics is transport solutions for marine & offshore equipment, including elements of ship propulsion system (propulsion units, propellers, shafts, drivers), as well as deck equipment (mooring winches, stern rollers, spooling devices, etc.) of global manufacturers and shipyards.

Applied solutions:

  • multimodal transport of oversize & heavy loads

  • overland transport of oversize and normal loads

  • sea-line container transport of oversize & heavy cargoes

  • sea-line RO-RO transport of oversize & heavy cargoes

  • sea breakbulk & tramp transport of oversize & heavy cargoes

Industrial segmentation of Enkel Logistics often gains in optimised implementation and communication.

For inquiries:

Most recent transport projects of marine & offshore equipment

Transport of stern roller

Overland transport

1 x stern roller appx. 6 х 3,2 х 3,6 м 75 т from Poland to Belgium



- 8-axis trailer + 4-axis tug

- permits for heavy-weight transport

- permits for oversize transport

Transport of mooring winch

Multimodal transport

1 x winch part off 3 х 3 х 4,2 m 40 t + 1 x winch part off 4 х 3,6 х 3,3 m 50 t from Croatia to Russia


- 6-axis flatbed trailer

- 4-axis low-loader

- 8-axis flatbed trailer

- RO-RO sea transit

- permits for oversize transport

- оpermits for heavy-weight transport

- customs transit procedure through territory of Russian Federation

- private escort (pilotage)

- police escort

Transport of mooring winch

Overland transport

1 х mooring winch off 4,5 х 3,4 х 3,8 m 45 t from Romania to Turkey


- 6-axis trailer

- permits for oversize transport

- permits for heavy-weight transport

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