Transport of metal constructions + tanks & vessels

Негабаритные перевозки автотранспортом
  • process tanks

  • boilers

  • storage tanks

  • pipes

  • ventilation equipment

  • autoclaves

  • pressure vessels

Transportation of metal constructions + tanks & vessels is considered to be one of the most important directions of our company. We cooperate with many manufactures mainly from Baltic States and Western Europe: we assist our customers to arrange their transports within a limited budget using our most experienced solutions.

Most common logistics solution within this sector:

  • multi-modal transport including RO-RO liner shipping

  • overland transport of oversize and standard cargo

  • voyage chartering

  • conventional break-bulk liner shipping

Sectorial specialisation of Enkel Logistics often considerably simplifies operational communication at any stage of a transport process.

For inquiries:

Most recent transport project of metal constructions + tanks & vessels

Fermentor transport

Multimodal transport

2 x fermentors off 10 х 5,8 х 6,0 m 20 t from Finland to Russia


- 4-axis low-loader

- permits for oversize transport

- private escort (pilotage)

- police escort

- terminal handling origin/destination

- sea transit RO-RO

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